It is no accident that you made it here, and I couldn’t be more thrilled that you are. Regardless if you have just stumbled across my site via the world wide web… or you have followed me here via my social footprint, I look forward in sharing who I am with you and hopefully learn more about you in that process.

I’m a speaker, personal coach and traveller who goes near and far to bring exclusive and unique services to my clients. I’m a curator of digital self discovery programs and a master at connecting the dots for my clients. My eclectic background has laid the foundation for my work, from coaching to entertainment, speaking to spiritual leading.

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I’m a broadcast journalism graduate from the University of Nevada, Reno and an EMMY nominated television producer, having worked for networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and PBS. I’m also the founder and creative boss of Pur | The Company, a corporate entertainment company that uses travel, fitness, and photography to build exclusive experiences and retreats.

Please read down and let me know how I can support your journey because I would love to hear from you and learn how I can catapult you into your best life!


In a world that’s constantly trying to make us someone we are not, I believe that we need to become what the universe intended us to be. For four decades I have been on this journey myself and chances are, you have too. I looked at all kinds of places trying to figure out who the hell I was and what the hell I should be doing with this one and only life. Are you you exhausted, fed up, confused or even torn about what you should be doing with yourself on a daily basis? I know that life.  With each passing day, you might even feel like you are losing some sort of game, yes? Over the course of one year, something shifted for me and today I find myself completely intoxicated with my own life. I have became a student again, of my own curriculum, and I’m more determined than ever to understand how to create a life that can impact millions, but also do this for those who know inside they too are meant for mass impact too! Click on ONE-ON-ONE COACHING above… and learn about my newest private coaching packages. enough is enough… be your own damn hero!




When you begin speaking on stage at the age of twelve you learn a thing or two about crafting a message. The stage and I have had a beautiful relationship for decades and what came from that relationship was what truly inspired me. It doesn’t matter if I’m speaking to tweens and relating to their daily struggles or addressing a room of business leaders who need to learn about motivating their workforce – I’m moved by my message which helps me move other people. I speak on various topics such as bohemian themes like love, overcoming ego, spirituality, mental wellness, and women-centric issues. I’m also often asked to speak on business topics like motivating people, customer relations, publicity practices, and getting to the next level.


I’m getting ready to launch something new. Not just a community of wonderful women who are obsessed with becoming their own heroes, but also something that comes to your door every month. Would you like to be alerted to the launch? Click that hashtag and I’ll keep you posted.

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I offer all kinds of ways to learn online. You can follow me in my social spaces to learn more about these opportunities or you can even follow my fiancé and I on Patreon where Patrons get free classes all the time. It’s our joint dream where we document becoming full time liveaboards. I share the experience there, rather than here since it’s so specific. However, that is where I pass out all my classes for free and show the very people I help… how even I am challenged in chasing my own dreams. Pop over and say hello and join the crew if interested. Click the “learn Online” head and you’ll be transported there.


Coaching, speaking, retreats, or just being social – let’s connect and explore a world of possibilities!


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