Live Creatively

Many people would say that they have to use creativity to get their daily work done. I would say, that is likely not the case. The difference between getting creative to get work done is a stark difference to that of using creativity to get work done. How? Seems pretty much like the same thing, right?

The Creator

The need to “get creative” to get daily tasks done suggests that there are roadblocks in the workflow. It might be a host of issues from protocol to job roles, but having to rely on this type of creativity doesn’t exactly illustrate that innovation is at work. By contrast, the use of creativity to get work done… suggests that non-traditional thought is taking place that aims to build a connection to ones work. If you have a J.O.B. than it is likely that you suffer from the “getting creative” syndrome, and chances are, you are not exactly fulfilled in your current work situation.

It is my belief, that it is your absolute responsibility as a member of the human race, to move life forward. We both know that this will never happen if you simply trade time for dollars and continue to believe that it is beyond your control to be that kind of creative facilitator. The answer….. is in your ability and willingness to be creative and the courage to execute that creativity.

Working artists typically do this better than most “traditional” job goers because their very survival depends on their ability to create. For instance, if I don’t create, I don’t eat…. and I would argue that most of the human race is not faced with this sort of issue every day, but rather, if I don’t go to work, I don’t eat. This doesn’t make the traditional job goer less “human” or less “valuable” than say an artist….. it simply means that one might not know their actual potential and the impact they are capable of having on the world around them.

It can all change tomorrow….. and here is how it can begin.

Tomorrow, you are going drive to work a different way. You won’t plot your course, you’re just going to “figure it out” and get to work via a new route. When you reach your office chair, you’re not going to do what you normally do first… check email, listen to voicemail, etc… rather, you are going to do something else. Maybe, check in with the boss, start an interesting conversation with a co-worker or maybe hand deliver physical mail to your department. At lunch, you aren’t going to hit the lunch-line or head out of the office with co-workers like you normally do, in fact, you packed your lunch today so you could spend a few quiet minutes alone to do this very important experiment….

Map your creativity

Grab your notepad and a pen…. and write down how you would teach your job (wait for it) to a 7-year-old. That changes shit doesn’t it? You can’t come at a 7-year-old with flow charts and paragraphs of words, can you? This exercise is going to do amazing things for you…. and the impact can be as big as you want it to be.

This is awkward

It’s going to force you to see your job in a whole new way and might just spark your creative flow. You see, if we continue to teach children (or even people) how to do our jobs the same way we do them, we are doing people a huge disservice. They need to know that the rules of a job are more like guidelines. We should be teaching our jobs with fewer unbendable parts so we can support how our jobs can adapt to a changing world. If we are going to propel ourselves into the future we are going to have to start looking at how we do our jobs each day … and commit to doing them differently.

Commit to teaching creativity to those who come after you

This small speck of creativity might just open a new door at work for you… in fact you might even change policy with your ideas, hell, you might even get a promotion. This is how creativity works, once you open its folds, you will see that there are limitless folds to be turned over… and you will never run out of creative ideas simply because you are committed to being creative.

It is your responsibility to support this type of work…. and the question now is…. how seriously are you going to take that responsibility? Share this…. share your work differently. Once you recognize the stagnant patterns in your roles at work, you will better understand how they need to change. This is going to lead to a far more fulling life… and potentially a more prosperous one at that.