My Fragrance Work Around

Many people don’t know this about me, but I’m terrified of smelling bad. I can’t say that this impacts my daily life, but I’m highly aware of how I could offend someone which has lead to me layering on plenty of fragrances in the past. If I’m feeling offensive, I’ll even layer up a piece of clothing in the sweltering heat just out of courtesy for my fellow wo/man.

When I discovered that this practice was likely burning my lungs… I knew I’d have to move from commercial fragrances I loved to new versions that I knew wouldn’t place my health in a compromise. The trouble I’ve had with most non-toxic fragrances is that they don’t seem to last or they aren’t very “strong.” Meaning, I’m likely the only person who can barely smell them and that’s if I hold my wrist right up to my nose. it would be a little awkward doing this to other people. ha!

My Current Fragrance Fetishes

Fragrances are a fetish so I thought it was high time to discuss what I’ve used and loved, and some future options I’m looking to acquire.

Target launched a brand called Good Chemistry which is a paraben-free vegan fragrance that has a variety of options. I like the Magnolia Violet and Silver Coast.  <— linked to Amazon purchasing options. The company (along with target) are aiming to give customers a chance to not just go with a non-toxic option but a brand that encourages people to smell like their personality. So head to a store soon and start nose-testing.

I got a sample of this next pick and will have to go for a full-blown size soon of Lake + Skye 11 11. Inspired by kundalini yoga this is a transporting sent that has lasting power. Pricey, yes… as it should be because it’s made with all the best ingredients that won’t burn your lungs out. A small price to pay right?

Last but not least, the new pack I’m going to be purchasing soon. Skylar. I just discovered the brand on Instagram and it’s getting wonderful reviews thus far. They have a sample pack for just $20 where you can sample their entire line like Arrow and Capri before choosing your full-size option. Apparently, you’ll get a $20 credit when purchasing the sample to use toward your full-size purchase. (that’s a sizable discount.)

Make The Change – It’s Your Health we are Talking ABout Here

We are all looking for ways to consume clean products… so please, can we all stop with the perfume or cologne wars? Fragrance makers are not upheld to the same standards as foods and don’t have to place their chemical soups on the labels, because they argue this risks giving up trade secrets. Okay, I gather that, but at what cost to their customers?

Most of the scents you love that smell of flowers and fresh natural sources didn’t come from those sources at all. In fact, chances are they were concocted in a lab and that’s no good for your health. Some of the chemicals are even hormone-disrupting which can complicate fertility. These chemicals have even been reported to trigger migraines, kidney, and liver function.

It’s not worth it now, is it?  I hope this has inspired you to clear out your fragrance stash and really consider what you’re putting on yourself or exposing others to. I’m starting to think that I might not smell the best all the time, but at least my smell isn’t going to kill someone. Whilst, I don’t think so.

See you next week!