A Peek Behind my Fetishes

I spend at least some sort of time on my Pinterest boards each day. It’s a fantastic place to be inspired and the dream board of today. (much easier than purchasing overpriced magazines and creating a mess on my floor.) I look at my boards each day because vision boards are meant to subliminally influence you and how you approach your life.

While I have a fetish board on Pinterest already…. my entire profile could be considered a snapshot into the things that I obsess over. From the plant-based inspiration I build my own recipes from to the secret boards I keep private for fear you all will think I’m a complete loon if I divulged.

For my fetish post this week I thought I’d take you on a tour of my Pinterest boards to reveal some insights about how I view the world and the lifestyle I’m always creating. I’d love your feedback on these (comment on this post) and let me know what you might like to see more of. Also… should I share my secret boards with you? OMG, that would be a radical step for me…


The actual fetish board will show you the things I have bought, use or am dying to get my hands on. A few of you have even told me that you have gone on to purchase a few of these things which make my heart happy. You’ll find things like cocktails, lingerie, ethically sourced lashes and shoes…. and more.


On the Ethical Board, you’ll find everything from art, quotables, ethically sourced products, and more. I’m always hunting out how to live a more sustainable lifestyle and I love pins that actually teach me something. This is where I share brands who don’t animal test or even sustainable travel destinations that don’t exploit local people or resources to cater to tourists.


The Wisdom Blog is filled mostly with my own created pins about the way I see the world. You’ll also see some quotable bits and pieces in that room too. As a (now formerly) life coach… it’s the place where my friends can still get a few doses of coaching from me each week.


The aesthetic board is designed to inspire designed and is the eye candy of my boards. This board is a collection of new and old style and trends, and where the off-beat meets the light and dark sides of my personality. The things that please my soul are found in this board and you might even find a few humorous things there.


The Destined Board collects all the things I plan to see in the world. Many I already have, and others are on the list. I feature my own personal travel experiences here and celebrate travel, not tourism. This is easily one of my favorite boards because it features some of the most unique places in the world. I’m not much for easy to get to destinations, I tend to prefer some sort of trek. I also travel to learn and remind myself just how very small I am.


The Nourish Board is for those who are exploring the plant-based space. You’ll find my own recipes there, but also those that inspire my recipes but aren’t duplicates of my own. There are plenty of things on this board that I plan to veganize as well, so check back often to see what I come up with.

Salt & Siren

The Salt & Siren board is really a vision board for what Todd and I are creating via our second home, the yacht. There will be resources in that board as time passes but for now, it’s just my obsession of living on the ocean (literally) in the form of a digital escape. If you’re an ocean or saltlife lover, you’ll love this board.


The Risque Board is a snapshot into the things I think are just plain hot. This is a little vulnerable for me to share so publically which is funny because I’m a pretty open book, even in the love and relationship space. But when it comes to my life between the sheets with my costar, I’m pretty tight-lipped. I mean, don’t even talk about it with my closest friends tight-lipped. So, this gives you a little look into that world and the things we work on together as a couple. It’s a predominantly black and white photography board… you know in case that sort of thing intrigues you too.

There you have it… have you followed me on Pinterest yet? I’d love to have you a part of my little world over there so we can share what inspires us. So, now that you know a little more about me, what do you think…. should I share my secret boards? Let me know in the comments or send me a social message and let me know.