Our Indianapolis Favorites

We have a lot of impressive videos of all the places we’ve been lucky enough to go to… but we haven’t talked much about our own backyard. We live mostly in Indianapolis, and part-time on our Chris Craft yacht. We thought it would be fun to reveal some of our favorite spots in the city in the event you are looking for something new or a place to go back to… or if you’re coming to visit.

Todd and I are currently trying a new place every weekend so I’m sure we will update this, but here are our go tos! These picks aren’t “secrets” necessarily, but definitely worth mentioning.

Breakfast in Downtown Indianapolis

We spend a number of mornings at Yolk. There are three locations city-wide, two of which are downtown. The menu will accommodate just about anyone and the food is reliably good. I usually keep it simple like avo toast with some potatoes and Todd likes the El Torro. Be warned about the coffee (it really good)… but it is HIGH octane stuff. This coming from an avid coffee drinker!

Walk Downtown Indianapolis

The downtown corridor has plenty to see, we love a walk around the monument (popular) and we tend to head over to the state house as well. I took my kiddo to the statehouse a few weeks ago and I was blown away. I knew it must have been something to see, but it’s pretty awe-inspiring. I encourage you to take a quick cruise through the law library. It’s on the second floor and has some historical features like 21-karat gold leaf and the original glass floors. I will spend some time there in the future working from there, it’s open to the public. The oldest book this library has is from the 1400s and is a French law book.

A must see is the Indiana War Memorial. I have been climbing its stairs (which can’t be done due to current restoration) for the better part of three years. Funny enough, I never thought to go inside. I took Evan there and we were blown away yet again. Most of Indiana kids (mine is not) have taken a school trip here but you have never gone inside you will be amazed. Aside from its mass… it has so many historical artifacts which even this “non-war-buff) found interesting.

There is a full-blown theatre inside, 4 floors of winding passages filled with awesome history, and a main memorial hall that brought Evan and me to our knees (no, like literally). We will be going back… I love the main hall, Evan loved the massive amount of firearms that he knew everything about. (Should I be worried?) lol

Lunch in Downtown Indianapolis

We don’t always make it to lunch, because we typically have breakfast too late, but when we do, Soupremacy is our spot. It’s a tiny little spot right off the circle on market street. They have artisan style soups (obviously) and those can be paired with a good many panini-style sandwiches. We often sit at the window wall and watch the world pass by while we eat. In warmer weather, the outdoor space is open.

Favorite Downtown Indianapolis Bar

Honestly, we do have a few favorites, but we love ReBar Indy which is located at 20. North Deleware. It’s a little off the downtown mainstay bar path, and that is fine by us. The drinks are always on point and they have a kitchen that stays open into the wee hours which is perfect for us. We don’t usually do sinner until after 9pm… we are always late to the party. If you stop in… ask for Lynda, and tell her Jenee’ sent you.

Want to see these spots in action? Well, take the video tour with us!