Welcome To Liberate

You have full access to this 21-day program to help you regain a sense of control over your material world, which in turn, will help you feel in control of your wellbeing. Take it day by day… work ahead if you’re ambitious and clear up your world. You’ll find tasks, body movement classes, mediations and more to help you with this transition. Tage me in your social posts on the journey to stay accountable! We will use the #jmliberate to track participants.


I am so excited to have you here! We are going to get started in a whirlwind way… but before we do…. we are going to have to start this freedom voyage by evaluating where we are.
  • 1. Today… I would like you to grab your journal and write down where you feel “heavy” in your body. Now, I’m not asking you to tell me where you feel FAT. Where does heaviness accumulate for you. For example, for me… I get heaviness in my throat. I get this “stuck feeling”… and an achiness.
  • 2. Where is there “heaviness” in your physical space? Think of those spaces that you conceal… hide and cover? When you walk by that space in your home… how does it make you feel? For example…. When I open the drawers in my bathroom… when getting ready… I just shake my head. I feel irresponsible for holding on to so many products… especially those that I know are toxic in nature.
  • 3. Where in your mind… do you feel “heavy?” What is weighing you down the most right now? Your career, your family… your finances… maybe the lack of love in your life has you feeling lack luster… ? How does this preoccupy your daily life? How does this distract you?

Day Two

We did some mental work for day one…. so we could tap into how weight in our lives weighs us down. Today…. we are going to look at the physical aspect of our lives and tackle a project for the week…. the CLOSET.
This is a space we all have a lot of push/pull with. We hold on to things we think we are going to use (even though we haven’t for over 2 years) and we think that as soon as we let it go… we are going to need it or wished we hadn’t. The truth about clothes is that we already feel like we “have nothing to wear” and by letting go of our closet…. we let go of our identity just a little.
Head over to pinterest and I want you to start looking for the wardrobe you want to identify with. Meaning… what looks really “serve” your soul. What looks do you want to align with? The idea is if you have these images to shop with you… you can remind yourself that when you restock your closet you are mindfully doing it. Only filling that space up with things you really love…. or not at all. The trouble is when we go to shop…. we don’t know what we are looking for, so we slip into bad habit and buy things that we don’t have intention around. From this day on…. you will only buy items for your closet that you are totally in love with…
You can peek at my SECRET fashion board to give you some inspiration.
Empty out. Take everything out of your closet and dresser drawers and lay it out.
Quickly (meaning don’t spend more than 5 seconds on each item) go through each pile and place item in three different piles.
1. keep
2. go
3. sell
Bag the “go” items and place them by the door to take with you on your next trip out.
Bag the “sell” items separately and place those at the door.

Day Three

Day Four

Today…. it’s a share day. I’m hoping you were able to tackle some aspect of your closet… and I’d love to see the “get rid of” pix or the reorganized spaces… whatever you’d like to share. Use the hashtag #jmliberate in your posts… and tag me!

Let me know how you’re feeling!

Day Five

Today we continue to work on our closets (or other closets of your home.) Don’t put it off, systematically go through these spaces so you no longer have to walk by them feeling like you’re concealing a dirty secret. These “messes” wreck havoc on our mental wellbeing… especially when we know there are items in these spaces that hold other secrets. Things like as shopping habits, over-spending, letters from a relative you don’t get along with anymore, clothes that no longer fit… etc. The closet is no longer a space holding your mess, they are holding on to the VERY things that are holding you back in life.

Keep Going!

Day Six

Today… before going to bed…. I want you to consider doing a few things.
  • 1. Write down everything you ate over the last few days. To the best of your memory.
  • 2. Write down the amount of water you drank.
  • 3. Write down how those meals made you feel? Mentally and physically.
  • 4. List out all the fruits and veggies you like to eat. it’s okay if that’s a short list… just write them all down.
  • 5. Find 5-new recipes on how to use those fruits and veggies.
  • 5. Hit the store tomorrow and and gathers those items. Go for organic and non-gmo products when possible.
  • 6. Schedule (in your calendar or phone) one fruit and one veggie snack/meal per day in this coming week.
We are bringing mindfulness to clearing out the body. I’m not going to place you on some crazy detox diet this week… that is coming though, so you have been warned. I want you to really connect with how your body feels this week using more fruits and veggies in your diet… and use them to clear your system out… as we near the following week which will be a bigger badder version of this. (don’t be scared)
When I get busy… (like I’m beyond fucking crazed right now) I either don’t eat… or I fill the hunger with caffeine until I can eat. Too often, I will grab something that gives me very little nutrition because I have no time to prep something. There MUST be some planning when it comes to food. We aren’t going the route of food prep for a bikini contest … but we do need to be mindful or we will continue to fill ourselves with things that weigh us down.
Looking forward in hearing how this exercise goes!

Day Seven

We are getting ready to start a new space…. so get those closets dealt with rockstars!

Today… we are going to liberate the body! How about some yoga inspired dance moves? A few years ago… I created a program called SATTVIC. I loved how this allowed me to move more freely… but be less ridged in a serious yoga practice. The best of worlds!

Enjoy the class!

Day Eight

Today is a journaling day. I have a few questions I’d like you to ponder… in our journey to creating levity in our lives.


  • 1. What heaviness in love do you potentially carry with you each day? This could be from a love relationship or a family member who didn’t treat you well. What is that… and define it.
  • 2. What stories have you told yourself about this love… how did this love define you? How did this love impact you? How did it change you?
  • 3. What have you done to heal from this love? What rituals, habits, patterns or systems did you have to adjust when you realized this love had to shift somehow?
  • 4. What work do you still need to do to let that idea of love go… what new beliefs do you need to create… in order to believe that you are healed?

Just some thought provoking questions…. to lighten your mental love load.

Day Ten

Inspiration day….

If you have netflix I’d love you to spend your dinner hour with this little film. If you have seen it already… watch again. Check in… how does it make you feel?

If you don’t…. you can listen to the producers here to chat about minimalism in general. (video below)

Or… you can take a gander at their blog that also talks about minimalist concepts and ideas

Day Eleven

Today is a clean out day. I know this can take a few solid days to work on… but after… I want you to use your journal about why you accumulate stuff for your bathroom?

I didn’t give much merit to this… just clear it out and be done… but when I started trying to understand why…. something else bubbled up for me.

1. Look at how much money I am wasting on buying this crap!

2. Look at how much of this shit is toxic to my body!

3. Why do I feel like I need all of this stuff? What am I trying to prove to myself or others?

4. What am I really doing to my body and what am I asking it to do in handling all of these toxins. I’m asking it to do so much more for me than I am willing to do to help my body from these harms. Wow, talk about disrespect on my part.

What comes up for you…?

Day Twelve

We have spent the past few days working on how to rid the body of heaviness and things we don’t need. How about today we concentrate on honoring your body? Here is a meditation from my Seeker series that will help you do just that.


Day Thirteen

Another SATTVIC class to open your soul and let shit go this week! This is a favorite of mine personally, because it was done with my son when he was just a wee little thing! Enjoy this class, the message, and its intention… use it all week long when you need to physically take yourself out of your head.

Day Fourteen

Today… it’s a journal day. Answer the following in your notebooks and feel free to share.

What do you detest in others? And why?

This is a massive question and speaks worlds on how we carry things that we don’t even realize. The bitter and disdain….the grudges. I never knew how powerful these emotions were until I recognized how tightly I held on to them. It’s easiest to recognize their weight by identifying what we dislike in others. Friends… we absorb this and let it weigh us down.

Spend some time in your journal and connect with the ways in which you judge and find annoying with others. This isn’t a “fun” excercise, since it forces us to look at our own shit, but it is helpful in getting us to a higher place.

Day Fifteen

I hope you are feeling lighter and feeling even more in control of your environment (rather than feeling like your environment controls you.)
Today… we tackle the kitchen. I think this one is one of the hardest.
I seriously cannot comprehend the amount of shit I had in my kitchen. Part of my issue was left over items from two houses combining… but a lot of it was mine which I need to take responsibility.
So… here is how I did this.
Empty out your kitchen in to bins. (or box, bags, whatever is handy) I found that stuff that accumulated in my kitchen had nothing to do with my kitchen… so as I am reorganizing into a FAR SMALLER kitchen space… I knew change must be adopted… and fast. I had mail, meds, candles, office supplies, jewelry… all lingering in that space.
You are going to live with just the essentials this week.
This means if you are a party of one… you have one plate, one fork, one glass, one mug… etc. If you are a party of two… +1 the above equation.
Reflect on what it felt like to not have so much “stuff” in your kitchen space… Not as many dishes to do maybe… less to manage. Less to keep you from doing things you want to be doing instead?
Reorganize… I find pinterest to be helpful in this effort. I decided to really think about what I use, what I need and what I really need to let go of. I have more dishes to my set… but I’m really not sure I want them back in my new space. Plan out this reorganization… so you can get the items you might need to help you accomplish this. Or… so you can look at the items you have differently.
Here are some shots of where I’m headed… No food at the new place…. but the jars will be filled with our favorite foods. Notice… no baking supplies like flour or sugar, salt etc… I love all those pretty pictures with the cute labels on pinterest, but if I am being REAL with myself…. well, my ass isn’t baking much. So I didn’t kid myself or take up precious space in my cabinets by filling these jars up with that stuff. I am not a Betty Crocker… I have come to terms with that. So I’ll fill these jars with organic oats, dried fruits, (cookies for the fiance) and things I “really” eat. be realistic.

Day Sixteen

I have always found freedom in dance…. and I thought for our last physical freedom class… we would take a stab at it. This is a lyrical class. Its a cross between jazz and ballet… but you can even see where yoga plays a role as well.

I take you step by step… so take your time… and makes some new brain cells today… and learn something new.

Freedom… right around the corner!

Day Seventeen

Ridding the physical body of the heavy chemical wasteland…

How much do yo know about the food you eat? What’s in it… what’s it made from… where was it made/grown… etc?

We know enough likely… to keep our calories restrained and our sugar in check… and the nuts and bolts of nutrition. Some of us might even be on the organic and non GMO train. Take a stroll into your kitchen… and check out s a few of the labels on some of the things you find there. Do you know what all the ingredients are… can you even pronounce them?

This is just one piece of the puzzle in keeping the physical body in the best of shape… but there is more. I’d simply ask that you start reading more labels… and try to be more informed about where your food is coming from or how it is grown. If you want to learn more… there are a CRAP TON of docs on Netflix about this… (I’ve watched almost all of them) and I would ask you try to watch one or a new one in the coming days.

Here are links to my favorites

Forks Over Knives

What the Health


But… what about the chemicals you make… that are already in your body?


Yes…. the chemicals that you are creating within your body through your emotional states. I want you to consider the “feelings” and “emotions” you make the most of each day. Is it stress… disappointment … happiness… lack… anger… sadness… overwhelm… gratitude… ???

What ever “that” chemical is… is something that you are “addicted” to. This is notable with the “negative” emotional states you practice. You might not want to be…. you might not even know you are doing it… and you might think I’m nuts… but it’s happening on repeat and it’s doing damage all day, every day…

When we tax our bodies with making this chemical each day… we might even start running low on these undesirable emotional states. (anger, stress, disappointment, etc) and then what?…. The body makes a synthetic version of that emotion… a less pure version of it. The damaged version of these chemicals imapct every cell in our body… and damaged cells lead to inflamation, and inflamtion leads to disease.

So…. tonight… spend some time in your journal contemplating how you are going to start recognizing… and changing the chemical weight of your body. It’s time to liberate.

Day Eighteen

A simple day to wrap up those kitchens or maybe the second and third bathrooms. Have you made your runs to donate old items? Or are you selling anything? Time to get those things listed and out of your world!

Day Nineteen

As I sit in my apartment this morning… and look around… I am asking myself, have I done enough liberating.

Making a number of trips yesterday back and forth from house to apartment… I can’t help but wonder. Ugh, still more?

Today is a reevaluation day.

We have come so far in this journey… and we could be satisfied with that, or… we can evaluate and ask ourselves… can we do better. I’m always asking myself this question in almost every area of my life. I attribute this to a lot of my success actually. Where others stop… I pursue…

Go back through each room we’ve tackled and look at those areas of your house and ask, could there be more? Did I miss something… am I lying to myself about using this item or that thing? Am I holding on to something that I feel guilty to have to keep?

Silly story, but relevant… I had to ask this bigger question of my cheesecake pans that I’ve used 1 time in 12 years. It wasn’t even about not baking really… it was the guilt of not baking that lead me to keeping these kinds of things. Should I be baking for my family more, isn’t that what wives and mommies do for their families?

And then I snapped back into my life.

I don’t find that much enjoyment in “baking” anymore. I do like “cooking” however. So, I guess you know the fate of those cheesecake pans.

Evaluate where you are in this program. I’m so pumped about your progress guys. I know that 21 days is a long time and it’s easy to let this fall by the wayside… but don’t let it. Don’t let this be one of those programs that you say you’ll do and you don’t finish. Do not give your old, weighted down self, that satisfaction.

Level up!

Day Twenty

A mindfulness moment to think bigger about how you do or don’t change…. and ways to expand into your new liberated self. This is another meditation from my Seeker series… hope you enjoy it.

Day Twenty-One

I can’t believe this is our last day!

Today is the ultimate liberating treat! Are you ready?

Today… you are going to plan an adventure! Now, this can be anything you wish… you can go where ever you wish… but the only thing I ask… is that you don’t take the shallow road and tell me. The beach… and the sand… and some salt life time.

That’s great and all… but you can find that little saying on a meme somewhere and it’s not “real.”

Reality… is in the details.

So I want to hear… how will you get there… I want to know what kind of place you’ll be staying… I want to know the things you’re going to do when you get there… and how you are going to make this experience unique.

Lean into it… as if you it is real.

This experience is to help you feel more freedom from your current environment, the one that keeps you static and stationary. When we travel, near or far, we grow. Use your journal and get clear about your next adventure… even if it won’t happen for years to come. The point is you are welcoming that freedom into your world.

I have enjoy this step by step process with you. Don’t forget to use the #jmliberate to show me where your homes ended up and how you feel! It’s been an honor.