I realized something super important today. I don’t do well when I watch other people take hits. This is true, obviously, for my closest of friends …. but it’s also true of strangers.

I have been told over and over again to let things roll off my back. To disengage with haters… let these people live in their own hell.
I’m sorry… I can only do that for so long before something needs to be said. When shitty people attack other people as a whole for the behavior of a few… it’s wrong. Period.

I know it’s off-putting to some that I fight back. But I have spent a lifetime standing up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves. It is in my DNA to call out bullshit when I see it.
It doesn’t always result in someone changing their behavior but I refuse to watch people get shit on for simply trying to better their life. I mean, what kind of coward does this?

A moron.

I often stand in these fights alone and I know exactly why… most people don’t want the conflict… the venom, and for good reason. Haters are really brave when they hide behind cell phones, private accounts and anonymous brands. Let me tell you something… They are cowards.

They risk NOTHING…. and remember… if they can’t be brave enough to risk themselves in any way…. then they don’t deserve a place in the fucking ring.
I was going to leave this part of my personality at the door as I moved forward with my work. I was going to let others fight their own battles (or not) without interference. I told myself to not worry about misinformation, hate profiteering, or straight up lies…. and then I remembered who the fuck I am.

Ladies… I’ve been fighting a long time for you. I’ll be damned if I stop fighting now. I want everyone I work with to win. I want everyone I don’t work with to win.
Except you… You with the sloppy claims… and sheep herding hate. You who attacks people for decisions they make about their life. You who thinks they are an authority without any kind of attribution. Guess what Karen… not your journey.

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