The Distance Between Self and Soul

Soul doesn’t get to stand in the spotlight much because self is too busy sucking out all the energy from the room. Chances are, you have seen this in action in other people. We have watched them walk around as emotional trainwrecks, create drama where drama doesn’t exist, chase every strategy, or twist themselves into pretzels hoping to stay relevant. But can I just ask why you’re not allowing your soul to stand in the spotlight more?

Look, I get it… I struggle with the same shit. I stifle my own soul by not saying the things that need to be said. I stifle my soul by not taking the action required of me, to quantum leap to a better version of myself. But when I finally tell my-self to sit the fuck down because this is a job for soul, my human existence always flows better. Like, every damn time.

Are you having that discussion every day with yourself because I sure as fuck ain’t? The difference, however, is I’m willing to admit that I’m not. Will you?

The distance between your “self” and your “soul” may as well be the grand canyon at times. As you fill the void with another new “thing” or emotional distraction, your soul (a patient little sucker) is just hanging out wondering how long this stupid shit is going to take. Your inner self has no desire to change you. So, for all the times you’ve said I need to change this or that, stop that, tt’s not helpful. We both know you won’t change. Your soul is just trying to help you remember who you’ve always been.

That’s right. No change necessary… just a clear remembrance of who you actually are and who you’ve always been. This human experience has literally hijacked your harmony.

What would happen today if you decided to tell your “self” to sit down and shut up a second? And what if you invited soul onto the stage. What would happen? I mean really think about what that means. Think about all the weapons you’d get to lay down by doing that. You know… all those bags you take into your physical life each day like a damn warrior. And while that is noble, I love you, it’s stupid. There. I said it. You carry those bags into your life each day because you think it’s safer to have everything you need with you.

Sis/Bro… this isn’t a fucking vacation you’re overpacking for. Stop it.

If I were you… and friend, I am…. I’d spend some time today thinking about this. Asking yourself when was the last time your soul made an appearance on the stage. When was the last time you said the thing that needed to be said, despite the backlash that would follow? When was the last time you did the thing that needed to be done, despite leaving those you love in the dust? How long has it been since you walked away from the bullshit that needed to be walked away from? When was the last time you took a chance on yourself despite being scared as fuck to do it?

What could you create if your “self” wasn’t running the show? The only way to build a bridge between self and soul is to tell self… knock it the fuck off!

You can’t “not” continue to have this human experience. I fully intend to welcome all the things this dimension makes available to me. I do refuse, however, to let that potion intoxicate me so severely that I don’t even recognize my soul anymore. This might be why I embrace minimalism so much. It’s not about not having things or sacrificing having things; it’s that I’m so sick and tired of filling up life with material distractions.

Believe me… I want things. I just want to be really fucking picky about what those items are. I want friends. I am just really fucking picky about who I hand my time over to. I want money. I’m just really fucking picky about giving up money energy on stupid ass shit.

I have had to unlearn a lot of things in my adult life. I’ve had to burn shit to the ground, so I’m not tempted to bring that old stuff back into the folds of my life. Each day, I invite my soul onto the stage. All self can do is sit in the audience impatiently, wondering the next time she can steal the show. We can remember who we actually are if we give soul some light. Try it… I’m sure you’ll enjoy the show.