The Relationship of Creativity to Crisis

As I was doing my inner work this morning, this guy I was listening to speed past an idea of creativity and how it relates to crisis. He didn’t say anything beyond that, and I was thinking… whoa man, back up, that is rather profound and needs to be addressed. So, since he didn’t, I will. 

Let’s get one thing clear… we are all creatives. Some of us might not think so, but we are mother fucking creative muses. The truth is, some are just better at exercising that muscle while others leave it dormant. It really doesn’t matter if you are working on your creativity each day or not; creativity similarly tortures all of us. It is that torture that conjures up crisis for each of us and creates a conflict that we might not understand. 

Crisis will show up as frustration or annoyance. 

Crisis might be snapping at your kids. 

Crisis will appear when your spouse forgets something important.

Crisis is not being seen or heard at work.

Crisis is not getting off the couch despite all that needs to get done.

Crisis is the judgment of others and their work or accomplishments.

The lack of creativity in your life will bubble up as an inner crisis and will manifest in many of these ways… and a million others. When you don’t practice your creativity… you light the fire of crisis. 

We tend to make this incredibly difficult on ourselves. We tend to think that we need to have all this ‘stuff” around us in order to practice our creativity. We tend to believe that we need to have hours set aside, or dedicated days, or pay exorbitant amounts of money to help us be creative. 

Sis/Bro… I hate to break it to you, but those are some big fucking excuses, and we both know it. Those are procrastination tactics. 

And you might be thinking, “creativity shouldn’t feel like a task, Jenee”… I should just do it when I feel like it. Is that how you treat your job? is that how you treat your kids? Is that how you treat your workouts? Is that how you treat your sex life? Because if you do, chances are those things are in crisis too. Yeah… I know… that hurt. I don’t care. It had to be said. 

You are placing pressure on your creativity to “perform,” and you can’t even be bothered to show up to the fucking party. You want it to be present in your life, but you can’t seem to give it just 10-minutes in your life each day. I’m sorry… but why would creativity show up for you if that’s how you’re going to treat it? 

No one is asking you to be the next Jimi Hendricks, Picasso, or Lewis Howes. No one is asking you to become an icon today and build a community of cult magnitude. I am just wondering why you don’t try? 

And here is the raw truth as to why you don’t try.

You’re either too lazy or too scared. 

That’s it. There really is no other excuse you can pass off as a deterrent like time, money, busyness, lack of talent, etc. Every one of those things can be overcome with some effort. But fear and laziness are two that aren’t so easy to let go of. Crisis loves fear and laziness. How?…. Just look around at the various crisis’ in our world. While most are rooted in fear… many are rooted in laziness. Pandemic = fear. Obesity = Laziness. You get the idea. 

And look… I’m not suggesting that either of these things are simple and not riddled with circumstance, but you are deciding to be a chess piece in that game or not. And that is the plain fucking truth.

The greater truth is, you cannot birth creativity through crisis. It’s impossible. You may see amazing things being invented during crisis, but that is because those who created it weren’t in crisis. They were in creativity. Creativity is not just about what is produced… but rather, an energetic state. 

So get your energy right… or die on the vine. The truth is… in 100-years no one is even going to know you were alive. And if you happen to hit the fame jackpot… in 200-years, no one is going to even know you existed. So you may as well do whatever the fuck you want. If you are the least bit curious as to how this looks from “our” perspective… we are all pretty tired of hearing about your crisis’ and the excuses as to why you can’t get over them. Head down. Hero up.