“If I were to tell you something I’ve never told anyone, do you promise not to ask me too many questions?” she said. “I suppose I could do that, but I can’t promise that I’m going to respond like you want me to.” He pointed out.

Nadia bowed her head as she’s been doing for the past 20 minutes and swirled the spaghetti another rotation. He knew something was brewing in her for the past few days, but he never pushed her to reveal anything. He didn’t care, really. He was aware of her past, and while not his favorite thing about her, he was at peace about it. Truthfully, he didn’t want to know. All he wanted to know was who she was today and who she was becoming, but the past doesn’t leave anyone, and he knew the ultimate truth.

“The most memorable moments of that old life were those that involved the water. I’d be taken to all kinds of places like lakes, oceans, rivers; you name it” she said, setting the fork down. She stood up from the table and took the three steps over to his chair. “The water always made me feel at ease.” He took a deep breath. “How do you mean?” he asked. She smirked given he always asked questions even when she told him not to. “I’m not sure really how to explain it, but in all the complications of my life… the water made me believe that I was going to be okay.” She gently pushed his shoulders away from the table and brought her leg over his lap to straddle him in his chair. “I would think the water would have been a little scary given what you’ve been through,” he said, trying to empathize a little.

She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her soft orbed boobs into his chest. Her lips came into whispering distance of his right ear. “I’m sharing this because you are the only thing that has made me feel safe like the water.”

They both exhaled a little, locking in the moment of vulnerability and letting go of another thread of those heartbreaking days.

He twisted his arms around her thighs and stood up with her in his arms. Her petite body was no match for his bulky frame. He carried her down the hall, humming a sweet song, and he stepped into the door frame of their new bathroom. The clawfoot tub stood catching bits of light from the hallway sconces at the edge of the room. He set her at the end furthest from the faucet, still clothed.

“What are you doing, Ben?” She said with a familiar giggle in her voice. He turned the water on and began testing its temperature and making adjustments. “I’m giving you the security you’ve always deserved,” he said. She could immediately feel a wave of pain at her temples, making its way to her eyes. The tears began welling up. After years of being passed around from man to man, she could hardly recognize her life today. She never thought she would have this. A man who respected her and accepted her… let alone understand what she wanted without asking.

He removed her button-up blouse and had her shimmy out of the leggings she put on after work. “Hand over the bra,” he said. There was no bashfulness among the two, given they have been married for over a year now.

She took in a deep breath as the fabric left her skin, and its release on her sternum was like uncorking a champagne bottle. She melted into the water, which was barely deep enough to cover her stretched-out legs. “Please come in with me. I mean, we bought the biggest one so we could both sit in her after all,” she said with inviting eyes he can’t ever ignore. “Oh, I’m coming in love… I just need to grab the towels,” he smirked. He took a couple of steps into the hall, and she watched his every move as the water rose. He came back in, unbuttoning his jeans, and pushed them to the floor. His shirt was already gone, and he stood naked at the side of the tub, waiting for permission.

She scooted her bare bum on the porcelain closer to the end with the faucet, and he stepped in behind her. His legs straddled around her body, and with that, she had the two safest elements she has ever known enveloping her entire being.

He twisted her hair up in his hands, revealing her neck, piling the dark locks on top of her head. She lost her breath as he wrapped his giant arm around her waist, sliding her back to him. He nuzzled her neck and buried his mouth where her ear and jaw met. He whispered to her…

“Let’s wash your hair first.”

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