Why Your Hair Matters

Why does it matter to feel like you have great hair? I mean, given the challenges of the world, it seems like such a shallow goal to shoot for, right? Here is why great hair matters. Your hair is not only the crown you wear each day… it is a part of your identity. You know what happens when you don’t have an identity, like psychologically? We falter, we become depressed and feel lost. Your hair is a part of your overall confidence and self preservaton.

While I don’t make it a habit to dive deep on how your hair impacts your psyche… (because a small discussion on that seems rather ridiculous) the truth is, the longer discusssion reveals how a new haircut, the perfect color or the transitions someone goes through with their hair impacts how they feel about themselves. And, if we are being honest here, you’ve probably gone through that yourself.

Monat haircare has given me a new confidence in my hair when I most needed it. It wasn’t easy at the age of 42 to make the decision to stop coloring my hair. For all practical purposes most women color their hair for years, if not decades, longer than I have decided to stop doing it. As a former beauty pageant contestant, TV comercial actor, Las Vegas showgirl and broadcast anchor and reporter, this decision made the least sense for someone like me.

But here I am, growing out sparkily gray strands of wisdom from the roots of my head. I won’t say I’ve loved every moment of this, because the truth is it was challenging. It was first challenging to stop coloring, and then I took another leap off the sterotypical beauty highway by cuting all of my hair off. I’m just now (after a year) starting to actually “like” my hair as far as length.

But what I’ve loved since I’ve started using monat haircare, is my texture (I have fine frizzy hair) which has taimed tremendously in just a few months of solid use… and how fast my hair is growing. These two factors have made my grey hair transition a little easier.

I know you care about your hair… we are simply human… so if you need to ease a transition, or heal your hair (and confidence along with it) then let’s talk about it. Feel free to connect with me and let’s make it happen.

Maybe you can relate, but having great skin has been a tremendous struggle for me. I can recall that this started very early in my life… like 6th grade, when I realized that having good skin was “a thing.” Ever since… I have obsessed over my skin.

I’ve never publically talked about this struggle because it seems rather petty really… but my skin has been a huge confidence killer for me. Not just because of the uncalled breakouts (rude) but because of massive scaring that I had from a chicken pox debacle that nearly put me in the hospital and the aging that I refuse to cave to blockers and fillers for. This isn’t to say I haven’t tried these options. I have. In fact when I was in mddle school I tried collagen fillers to help with the scaring. As I got older… I tried Botx to get rid of my elevens (my frown lines) because I felt like I looked so angry all the time (not even for wrinkle control really). My body EATS this stuff. meaning… I metabolize meds like this super FAST. I’ve never had a botox proceedure last more than a month… and or a proceedure that actually did what it was supposed to do. True story. The other factor is my obsessive picking tendency, which ironicly perpetuates my problems. I find this part of me a shame to a degree… and is even hard to sit here and admit to.

Aside from giving up on this expensive plight of medical procedures, I also decided that it was also a better decision for me personally. I’m hugly against toxins and chemicals and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to rid much of my life of them. I do this from what I wash clothes in, to what I feed my body… and everything inbetween. The truth is, even if these products did work on me… I’d still opt to not use them today.

This is exactly why I needed Monat skincare in my life. I needed products that could offer me a chance at getting my skin confidence back but without compromising my non-toxic and cruelty-free values. Monat gives me faith in that the beauty industry absolutly CAN do better, but only few will actually follow through. If you resonate at all with any of this… I encourage you to reach out to me so we can talk about your skin and how it can improve.

Why Your Skin Matters