Do You Need My Help?

As a journalism graduate, I never thought I’d ever use my degree to its full potential. Journalism today, is in a very sad state and I assumed I would never go back a return to this sort of work. But, here I am… using it in my own way and offering it up to others in this big bad world.

After years of creating businesses through the use of the written word, website builds (this one about killed me) graphic art, photography and video production… it’s safe to say I’m right back where I began my journey. However, this time… I’m writing about the things I want to talk about instead of the things I’ve been assigned. Well, most of the time.

So the question is now, do you need my help? Here are the things I can help you with:

  • Blog & Article Writing (packages)
  • Graphic Art (packages)
  • Public Relations Services (on retainer)
  • Social Media Graphics (pages)
  • Original Logos
  • Original Illustrations
  • Micro Video Production
  • WordPress Website Builds + Training

Below, you’ll find some of my latest offerings in my store. There are a few services that I have packaged for those who are ready to get down to business.