Most people's New Year's Start on January 1... But mine starts on February 8th, my birthday. Like many of you, I'm reflecting on the past year and wondering where I'm headed, what serves me... and what I should let go of.

This past year I let go of my entertainment company which was so so hard. It was just time. I also let go of a significant portion of my coaching business. While I still do plenty of business coaching and consulting my days now are spent in the weeds of words, media, social media, graphics, public relations, web design and the like. My website took a back seat because honestly, I'm too busy doing everyone else's site. True story. The same can be said for my YouTube channel.

So this year I am simplifying my life (I'm really good at making this tough on myself) and I have plenty of new things to share with you. Thank you so much for coming back here over and over again... and I'm hoping I'll be able to spend more time on my site and my new projects.

Love, Jenee