Below you will find my top 10 concepts, hacks and supports for people interested in learning to be better manifestors. Whether you believe in manifesting, don’t believe, are open to it… or just want to be better at it… this mini-class is just for you. I’m happy you’re here because you manifested yourself to be so… so welcome!

Manifestation – Get Back to the Basics

It’s not as easy as simply asking and receiving. I know the New Age gurus of today might have you believe that. Manifestation is less about the words and more about what you “feel” in the asking of what you want.

We have all asked for something when we are in doubt or in lack. This is typically why people think the Law of Attraction doesn’t work… or is a bogus concept. You cannot get what you want from a vibration that is asking for the exact opposite desire. This is why words can mean very little in manifestation. We can say all day long how much we want to have money in our life… but if we are feeling financially broke, that bank account is going to look exactly the same.

You are actually a BRILLIANT manifestor already. I know that might not sound very convincing if you’re not “living your best life,” but we have all asked for what we are currently experiencing. Now, take a deep breath… because I know, that is a hard pill to swallow. What should really excite you about this is… if you have managed to manifest a pile of poopy situations… surely, you can manifest something really rad. In fact, it is law in the manifestation world. Manifesting bullshit is not unique to only negative life experiences… you can manifest the magic too… but it requires a regular practice.

Vibration – What is it and Why Does it Matter

So I keep talking about vibration… like we all have one… and you might be thinking, I don’t have one of those… so I have no idea what you’re talking about. You do have one… you just don’t know it yet. Or maybe you do know it… or believe this to be true, and you need some support in how to get yourself in a better one. ???

I want you to think of a funnel… and at the bottom of the funnel are the emotional states like anger, shame, guilt, lack, depression, fear, and so on. Near the top of the funnel are things like… happiness, fulfillment, joy, peace, confidence, and the like.

The bottom of that funnel is very little space to vibrate, right? A tightly confined area that the emotional states have a very short rotation or space to occupy. Whereas the top of the funnel is expansive and has all this room to get bigger and bigger. Making sense?

Where do you want to spend your time? (obvious question, I know) But given this visual, I’ve offered you… can you see how the small end of the funnel keeps you small and your vibrational ability limited?

When we are trying to hold ourselves in a vibrational state… we have to understand how this funnel works… because if you place desirable stuff for your life in the funnel when you are at the bottom of it, it’s got nowhere to go. But… if you put things in your funnel when you’re at the top of it…. it has room to grow and gain momentum. That is where we want to be.

Words – Why They Don’t Help us as Much as we Think, and What is Better

Words just do not teach. If I have learned ANYTHING in my coaching, it has been this. Words are fluff. They are nice… but they have very little meaning if they aren’t charged with the right vibration. Words can help us down the right paths… but it’s your emotional self that makes manifestation possible.

Now, if this is the case… would you not have to be “feeling” the right way when you are hoping to manifest something in your life? Yes… the answer is yes. 🙂

You have to find words that offer very little resistance to help you emulate the “feeling” of what you want to manifest.

I need money in my bank account = It’s not there, and I desperately need it there.
= Low vibration.


I love having money in my bank account = Less resistance and = higher vibration.

Which can turn into

Money is always in my bank account = no resistance = high vibe baby!

But here is the deal… you may have a hard time getting from step one to step three there… which is why you need that middle ground to help you get off the low vibe rollercoaster.

Feelings – How They Play a Role in Manifestation

For the longest time… I did this totally wrong. I was writing down and thinking and even speaking aloud what I wanted in my life… instead of emotionally connecting to what it was, I really believed I would feel in the having of it.

(read that again)

The only reason why we ask for anything in our life… is because we believe we will “feel” better in the having of it. Right? So if you want to “feel” better in the having of something, wouldn’t you need to know what feeling you wanted to have, feel like? Rather than guessing what you “think” abundance is, what love is, what passion is… etc.… you would need to connect with the “feeling” of what is you wanted. So maybe it’s less about asking with words… and asking more with your emotional state… for what it is you really want.

The truth is… what you “think” you might want… might be a bit off the mark. But your inner soul self “knows” what you want… but only measures it in emotional wellbeing. Ask from your emotional space… and watch everything change.

You Cannot Manifest Something New/Better From Where You are Right Now

It is law. You cannot get to something better… from doing life from where you are. Which sounds a bit ridiculous because where else would you be asking from. You don’t have a cosmic ticket to some alternate universe right?

Well, you don’t need that ticket… but you do need to start experiencing life from where you want to be rather than where you are today. How… right? I knew you’d ask that.

There are many many ways in which to start bringing what you want into your life… but you have to know… it might not be the “end goal” you’re seeking. Meaning you’re right… you cannot live like you’ve got a million bucks in the bank if you don’t. But you can choose aspects of that feeling/lifestyle and start bringing those things into your life piece by piece. Here are some examples to get your thought process going.

A. Want to manifest the most exceptional food – Shop organic, choose one or two new things to bring home with you each week and start experimenting.
B. Want to manifest more money – Clean out of the “change” from every corner of your life… and start seeing how money is everywhere.
C. Want to manifest a new job – explore job listings you might not feel qualified for and start understanding what they are asking for… then seek out how you can gain those things/skills in your life.
D. Want to manifest love – show love to someone else everyday… the very way you’d like to be loved. (aside from sleeping around with a bunch of people if you’re the physical type) lol but experiment with ways in which to be loved and show others this kind of love.

Aligning With Selfishness (the right way)

The world has really made a mess of this word. If someone decides they want to spend more time at the gym and less time eating out with family, they can be called selfish. God forbid, you’ve decided you want to be a robust and healthy human… how dare you… you’d better feel pretty bad about that. (doesn’t even make sense)

There is a wrong way to do this… which is where I believe the poor understanding of this word comes from… it’s when we become so preoccupied with ourselves that it “hurts” others in a very real way. We are all adults here, we know the difference.

It’s time to align with a level of selfishness that supports where you want to be in your life. That might mean that you are spending more time alone, researching and creating… it might mean you say no more often… it might mean you say yes more often…. What it mostly calls for is an understanding of what you want.

Good selfishness requires clarity. And it’s temporary clarity (this is big) because chances are once you pursue clarity it’s going to evolve and change… and once that happens, most people abandon it thinking they can’t follow through… or they can’t decide. Instead, what it really means is that you are getting better about knowing what you want and what you don’t want. All of which are crucial in manifestation.

Don’t be afraid to get selfish in the clarity of what you want…. or what you don’t want… if you neglect to do this, you will create meaningless targets and hit them over and over again.

Confidence Over Who You Are – The Sweet Spot

We have been socially conditioned to practice what will make people the happiest with us. It’s was taught to us in school since we entered into the education system… then persisted through our first jobs… and so on.

We are all a little bit weird… and unique… and special… and gifted. So when attempting to manifest what we want… it typically comes with a good bit of self-judgment. Let me ask you this… do you wish to hurt or negatively impact anyone in your environment?

Nope… didn’t think so.

Can you pursue (with confidence) what you want knowing that you intend to make your life (and maybe the lives of others) even better?

Yes, of course… that sounds awesome, right?

Did you know that you’re going to have to show your weird, unique, special, and gifted parts of yourself to the world in order to ensure you get that?

Wait, what?

Yep, if you want to manifest your deepest desires… you will be required to share all of your truths… because it’s what your soul self knows you want… and anything less… anything not totally lined up with that is just a cheap knock off, and honestly, your soul self knows the truth.

Do you really just want to get “close” to what you want? No… you want the whole enchilada right? Well, that is where you will birth that sweet spot of confident over who you are. There is no other way… so it’s time to show up as you. Everyone else is taken anyway.


What happens when one of these baby steps to manifestation happens?… Momentum baby! We don’t want to think about it too hard… or dissect it (if you’re like me) …. we just want to recognize, reflect and repeat.

When something is making you feel fantastic… recognize it, reflect your gratitude for that awesome feeling… and welcome a repeat performance of it. That is how momentum within manifestation works.

I used to think… after I got what I wanted to manifest, that I had to pull it apart to understand what I did. You know what that does? It kills it. Yep, I have murdered my manifestations more times than I’d like to admit.. and their momentum in the process. Don’t be like me. lol

Practicing Your Vibration

So… do you believe… that your thoughts and feelings impact your daily life? Yes, and maybe now even more right? And if that is the case… how often do you create your day? Before you even step out of bed?… Hmmm…. like not really at all?

You want to know why you do that?

Because you don’t really believe it. If you really believed that, then you would NEVER miss an opportunity to create your daily life. Right? I know, deep breath…

So, it’s time to create a manifestation practice.

Do you think an olympian wins gold out of just saying they will? No, they practice.
Do you think a CEO earns highest earnings because he just went to work? No, they practice.
Do you think beautiful romances just happens with luck? No, they practice.

Manifestation is no different.
You cannot think to yourself… I want all the monies for 10 minutes in a meditation, and then open up your bank account and expect someone randomly placed thousands of dollars there. That’s not how this works, that not how any of this works. 😉

We have to practice.

My suggestion is you find time every morning for this work. Practice what you want and the vibration of what you believe you’re seeking. Practice the feelings. (read that again)… practice how you want to feel each day in a meditation, or journaling… with certainty, that this practice is what brings manifestations to life.

When You’re Met With Resistance by Ego

My final thought is about when we are met with ego in the manifestation process. I saved this for last because this little guy is the real reason why we are poor manifestors. Ego is responsible for killing more manifestations than we’d like to believe.

In fact… sometimes we can see it creep in, cut it off at the knees and progress. But, sometimes (and this is my main reason for this entry) it creeps in, burrows, and totally fucks everything up. When ego comes in while you are doing your manifestation work… or even during daily life (meaning… the negative soundtrack that tells you you cannot do it), you have to find a place to go where ego cannot follow.

What does that mean?

It means… you have to either a. find a thought or feeling that offers less resistance… or b. Shut down and reboot.

A = Find a less resistant thought to move past ego… it might have NOTHING to do with what you’re trying to move past. So for instance… ego comes in and says, you cannot make 5k in one month you idiot… you can either find a less resistance thought like… But I can make 2500k or… you can change the subject all together like… but I sure do like butterflies! Ego cannot follow you into this place because it cannot argue this point with your inner being. I mean damn… you really do like some butterflies. Right?

B = Shut down and reboot. When I cannot get my negative shit together… I literally take a nap. You see, when we sleep… so does ego. It’s like hitting the power switch… and egos momentum dies with it. When we wake, it might not be totally gone… but we sure have a better shot at finding less resistance after a good sleep.

Sleep is the one place where ego cannot go with you… kinda cool right? Like… wow… okay, I’ll just take a nap right here, and we’ll be okay. It’s true, the sleeping state reboots our systems… and allows healing, clarity, and focus to return. It’s where our unconscious mind… you know the one that has you riding a horse into your old school and kicking that damn bully out of his desk… and into a big bag of cacti (dream state) …. ego can only exist in the waking conscious world. So when in doubt… take a damn nap.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-class… and that you’ll be able to tap into a better way to manifest through these insights and suggestions. I have spent many years researching this topic… and in working with so many have come to see the same issues pop up among my clients in this department. My hope, is that you do not just read this as some inspiring thought work and then leave it. My hope, is that you take it in, create some practices to support what you’ve learned… and manifest like a damn hero!