Minimalist Shopping

Alrighty, as a minimalist, we don’t shop much. But it’s necessary at times, especially when you finally accept that your clothes have too many holes and your shoes are falling apart. That is ridiculous. I purge my closet about once every three months. But I rarely “replace” items, which has left me in a bit of a lurch. Now that the weather is warming up, I realized I am short on items. I just got rid of about 3 of my 5 sweaters, I have about three nicer tops hanging in my closet, but this is all I have in casual tops. Yep, that’s it. I may be one of the few ladies in the world where my closet pales in comparison to her mates.

I also realized the other day, I have sports bras from like 10-years ago. I mean, they don’t even fit anymore and yet I hold on to them like they have some sort of gold thread or something. I replaced three of them this weekend. The white one is from Target and if you’d like to snap this one up (more loungy bra and less workout bra) you can snap it up here! The other two are from TJMaxx and that is always a crap shoot. Oh, and I got this adorable cactus tee (I’m currently obsessing over cactus) and if you share the same irrational obsession like me, you can snap it too at Target.

I often shop at resale shops, because I like worn-in clothes. I like new too, but worn clothes leave you with fewer surprises. Meaning, they have shrunk already, they are gonna cost you less and you contribute less to fast fashion which is hugely unethical on multiple levels. I bought new this week as some things you just gotta do new. Star Tee is from TjMaxx and shoes by New Balance.

I used to have a really impressive shoe closet. Today, I have three pairs of sneakers, one pair of tall black boots, a pair of tall brown (both of which will like to be purged if I’m being honest, two pairs of flat black boots (one for hikes one for casual) two pairs of nude heels and some leopard heel print booties, because = girl. I’m replacing a pair of the nude heels (a sandal) that are platform stilettos that I just don’t do anymore.

I’m replacing them with these wedges. Want them? Here is the link. 

There ya go. That’s how I’m rolling this week. Let’s get together next week about this time and talk more fetches. Muah!