Totally Wigged Out

I am on this journey with my hair. I saw in my social history the other day, it started just over a year ago this time last year. It began with the color. I added bright highlights to my hair to alleviate the gray demarcation line that always appears when you stop coloring your hair. It worked for the most part, but I still left me with my colored ends since the highlights were so fine (they had to be to look natural) they weren’t enough to compete with the new gray growth.

In December, I did something radical, and I cut off all my hair. My hair has never been this short in my life, with exception to when I was like 3 or 4 I imagine. I thought I was going to freak out about it, but as I sat in the chair with the obligatory ponytail in my hands, I kinda felt free.

I’ve had a great relationship with my hair, aside from the fact that it grows really really slowly, it has done everything I’ve asked of it. And girl, I have put it through just about everything. Platinum, black, perms, pageants, and a Vegas showgirl schedule. We were cool. But that didn’t mean I didn’t feel a little obligated to make it perfect all the time… and when I struggled financially in parts of my life, I had to neglect my hair.

Having short hair has tested me. What a ridiculous statement, right? This haircut has challenged me and my ideas of what beauty is… which I have always attached to long hair. Its the story I adopted from society when I was probably 6 or 7-years old. I played societies game from the 7-year-old self ever since… and when I held that ponytail hair in my hands, I felt freedom.

It’s Not My Favorite

I’m not going to sit here and lie to you and tell you this has been my favorite haircut. It isn’t. I feel more drawn to long hair and feel it’s better suited for me, but I don’t “dislike it. It has nothing to do with the “cut” it’s adorable, I just think it’s better for others than it is on me. But let me make this very clear, I am not AT ALL upset that I did it. I do not regret it AT ALL. I don’t have to color to keep up with the grey growth, I can just let it roll naturally now, and, It has been fun. The best part, and why you all came here, I have been getting my wig game on.


I have been wearing wigs on stage for years. My first ones came when I did a show when I was just 18 at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe with Rip Taylor and Juliet Prowse. They are icons of the Debbie Renolds era, oh and friends as she came to our show and we got a chance to talk. I digress. That’s where I learned to wear a wig, and I’ve used them in other shows throughout my life. In Vegas, in Japan, and in my current city Indianapolis for theatre.

They are the most fun. They are the best solution to changing things up without commitment and not having to wait ten years for shit to grow back. They are the answer to Halloween, but they are also the answer to a Friday night when you’re ready to connect with your inner vixen.

While I’ve played with extensions for the past ten years… those are fun too, I hadn’t bought any wigs for my personal use. There was this weird stigma around it. Somehow hair extensions were okay, but wigs, oh girls no we don’t wear wigs unless the calendar says so. (aka Halloween) So I said… fuck it and bought a gray long wig. This thing had me at hello.

When I opened up the package, I was like, oh my… this is going to be fun.

After I prepped it… cutting the lace out, plucking the part, and making the other necessary adjustments with product and concealer, I was sold. This led me to get a black wig, with a bluish grey undertone that is just gorgeous. It’s soft, not plastic shiny and no, it’s not real hair. None of these are. With real hair wigs, I don’t know what the conditions exist for the person giving that hair up… and I’m not comfortable with that mystery. Plus… and damn, real hair wigs are expensive as fuck. We’re talking $500-$1000.

A few weeks ago, I decided to get another lace wig… and I decided to go totally opposite and got this beautiful blonde bombshell. She is nice girls, like really really beautiful. I haven’t worn her much but I assume I’ll get some good wear out of her this Summer.

I have two more wigs I’m eyeballing… and I’m starting to think I might need a special closet to display these. yeah, won’t be finding that in my 700-sf apartment, but I’ll figure something out. I wonder if I can turn them into art pieces somehow when I’m not wearing them? Hmmm…

I want a highlighted brunette or dark blonde lass… and then a dusty pink because… well, why the fuck not.

I buy my wigs on Amazon, and I have had plenty of luck, easy delivery, and good product for the price. None of these were over $50. I’ll link them with their respective photos, so if you’re ready to get wigged out… you can use my affiliate links. They won’t cost you anything more, but I’ll make a tiny commission from them and I’ll put it towards those next wigs.

That’s my Fet•ish for this week… see you next week!

Oh… and if you want me to explain the who “prepping” part of this in more depth… (plucking, cutting the lace etc) let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll do a video about that for you all.

Photo: Xiweiya

Photo: Xiweiya